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What to do?

You can start to relax after the trip in any of the corners we have, in the living room, on the patio, in the pool… and regain strength to go out for a walk.

Calendar of activities

Our village

Sant Martí de Maldà

  • The church has one of the tallest bell towers in the region with a baroque façade declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest since 2017.
  • Plaça del Castell located in the old town, there is almost nothing left, after being dismantled to build the convent of Sant Bartomeu de Bellpuig, but to get there you can go through the different portals of the village and walk through the narrow streets of the old town.
  • Ermita de Sant Roc, located to the west, a quarter of the village, the first stone was laid on April 4, 1734, and the chapel and church were built where until then there had been a small chapel (before 1607 ); reformed between 1788 and 1795 due to the threat of ruin, it continued to house devotees until the 1936 Civil War.
  • Els rentadors, recently renovated, it is a small cozy space, and if you continue a little further the way towards the mountain range, you will reach the river Corb, usually hidden, if there is no significant rainfall.
  • Parc de les Rodes, about 3km along a path towards Preixana. Created by Josep Amenós, a neighbor of the village, who has given his work to the City Council. Self-taught artist, for two decades he created the park, with materials at his disposal, wheels, irons, stones, decorating with paintings… Highlights an old hut converted into a chapel. It is definitely a different place, worth a visit.

Sports activities

Nordic walking

Golf (Pitch&cat, Bellpuig)



Hípica Tàrrega

Balloon flights

Camins de vent

History and architecture
  1. Santuari del Tallat
    • 20 km by car and 12 km on foot along a path
  2. Ruta del Cister: Vallbona de les Monges
    • Vallbona de les Monges at 8,2Km
    • Poblet at 32Km
    • Santes Creus at 54Km
  3. Guimerà, medieval village
    • At 12 km
  4. Ermita de la Bovera
    • At 10 km
  1. Sant Joan de Maldanell
    • At 3.5 km
  2. Convent of Sant Bartomeu in Bellpuig
    • At 12 km
  3. Castles (Ciutadilla, Verdú, Montclar…)

  1. Ecomuseum in Belianes
    • At 4 km
  2. Agricultural mechanization Cal Trepat in Tàrrega
  3. Cinema museum space in Vallona de les Monges
    • At 8 km
  1. Guinovart space in Agramunt
  2. Nougat and Chocolate Museum in Agramunt
    • At 31 km

Natural areas of interest
  1. Secians of Belianes-Preixana
    • At 4 km
  1. Ivars and Vila-Sana lake

  1. Guided tours related to our work as farmers, mainly vineyards, almond and olive groves
    • In our village
  2. Special activities at harvest times (see agenda)
    • In our village
  1. Guided tours and tastings at oil mills and wineries

Links of interest

When you book, we will send you a wide range of activities. If you want, we will take care of preparing the proposals that best suit your tastes, and when you arrive you will have everything ready.

Some of the activities require prior reservation. In our agenda, you have up-to-date information on the activities, fairs, parties and others that take place in the area.

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